About Us

Our Mission

Is to reach out to, connect with, and disciple men of all ages through various ministries.

Our Vision….

To see all men, young and old, come into the knowledge of Jesus Christ, and to get to know Him as their Lord and Savior.

God has given us three areas of ministry by which to carry out our mission and to see our vision come to pass…

About God’s Posse


1) The first is our annual 3 on 3 Basketball Tournament. God’s Posse 3 on 3 Basketball Tournament was started Sept 4, 2004. In our fourteen years of existence we have seen close to eight hundred young men between the ages of 9-18 come through our doors and hear the Gospel of Jesus Christ, most for the first time. Out of the eight hundred or so young who has attended our tournament over the last fourteen, one hundred and fourteen kids have receive Jesus Christ into their hearts and gotten saved.  We as a ministry are supper proud of both these numbers, however, especially the one hundred and fourteen souls that were saved for Christ! It still amazes me that God would use a little basketball tournament like ours to help so many young kids who are going down the wrong road make a U-TURN in their lives.

2) Secondly, God has giving me the gift to connect with men through speaking engagements. Jonathan has written two books, one of which has been published, and the other should be on the shelves by the summer of 2019. Both books are a great source to use to minister to men, and Jonathan is available as a keynote speaker for church gatherings, men’s retreats and other environments where he walks people through his material.

 Last , but certainly not least, I have started a male mentoring program called, “GP Male Mentoring Program.” I am currently trying to integrate our public schools with this program. I’m working on a curriculum for my first high school as we speak. I can see this mentoring program being very successful among you men.

Jonathan C. Stafford, 


Jonathan C. Stafford is a native of Atlanta, having been raised in Gwinnett County, Georgia. He graduated from Central Gwinnett High School in Lawrenceville Gaand attended Gainesville Jr. College where he studied Business Administration from 1988-1991.

After he realized college was not for him he started looking for a “real job” and began at that time to work for UPS out of Atlanta.  After a solid twenty-five year career there, he retired to follow his passion and do full-time ministry. He is the founder of this ministry for young men we call “ God’s Posse, he is an author, having written “Absent Father Lost Generation.” Jonathan considers the Atlanta area his home and resides in Dacula, GA with his lovely wife and two of his three sons.